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We offer the best quality in Paintless Dent Repair backed by years of Experience in the auto hail industry! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We make your vehicle look and feel brand new.

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We are supporting claims in Austin, Roundrock, and San Antonio

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Bring Back Your Car's Original Glory!

“San Antonio’s Premier Dentless Repair Service.”

Three Reasons For Paintless Dent Repair

Preservation of Original Finish & Value:

Authenticity Maintained: PDR does not require repainting, ensuring that the vehicle’s original paint job remains untouched. This not only maintains the authentic look of the car but also retains its market value. Vehicles that retain their original paint typically have a higher resale value than those that have been repainted.

Cost & Time Efficiency:

Quicker and More Affordable: Traditional body shop methods can be time-consuming and costly, often requiring filling, sanding, and painting. PDR, on the other hand, is typically faster and more cost-effective. The process involves skilled technicians using specialized tools to massage the dents out, eliminating the need for pricier and lengthier procedures.

Eco-Friendly Option:

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Since PDR doesn’t rely on paint, solvents, or fillers, it’s a more environmentally-friendly option. Traditional body repairs might involve chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, especially when not disposed of correctly. Choosing PDR is a step towards reducing one’s carbon footprint and making a more eco-conscious decision.

Our Services

Door Ding & Dent Repair

We can target everyday dents and dings that vehicles can accrue from things like parking lot mishaps, minor collisions, or accidental impacts.  These are usually smaller in size but can be numerous, especially in urban environments.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail storms can cause a multitude of small to medium-sized dents across the vehicle’s surface. We focus on reversing the extensive damage caused by hailstones, restoring the vehicle to its pre-storm condition.

Large Dent & Crease Repair

While PDR is often associated with smaller dents, it is also effective for larger dents and creases, provided the paint has not been cracked or damaged.  We can address more significant impacts, ensuring the vehicle retains its original contour and finish.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Matthew Bazan
Matthew Bazan
Was a rough start dealing with insurance and what not but damn these guy did a great job. Thanks to Marty and Sam for dealing with me they did and do great work.
Zachary Herman
Zachary Herman
I was affected by the 2023 Austin Hail Storm. when every shop in Austin filled up quickly I decided to take a chance and call Auto Hail Recon who advertised their shop in San Antonio on a picket sign on the side of the road. Best decision I ever made. Sam was so responsive, they transported my truck free of charge and I got it back in 1.5 weeks. They waived my deductible, cleaned my car and also filled up my tank of gas. The car looks brand new and this was after sone paint damage as well, because the hail was so large. Thank you Sam. Not one hiccup. use these guys…it’s worth it!
Linda Villejo
Linda Villejo
We had our Van serviced by Auto Hail Recon a few months ago. Sam was the my contact that went far and beyond his service. He arranged for my rental car while my car was in their shop and was kind enough to drive me to the place as well. Sam was very friendly and took the time to explain about the repair process they use that involves the non-removal of the original paint. I feared that the paint color would not match the factory one. Our Van looks GREAT! No Paint was removed at all. I also met Marty(the owner) who was just as friendly and assured me that I would be very pleased with their work. He was Right!! Thank You Sam and Marty, along with the guys in the back for a job Well Done!! I highly recommend this place for any Hail damage. I definitely will return again if necessary. GREAT PLACE!!!
ryan atkinson
ryan atkinson
They did a great job on our car, getting out an insane amount of dents after a recent hail storm. Sam took care of us from start to finish, explaining the process, dealing with insurance, and communicating with us at each step. We got our car back pretty quickly, looking good as new. When we have our next hail storm, we'll reach out to them immediately. 100% recommend.
Roy Hughes
Roy Hughes
I went to several body shops to get an estimate they couldn't give me a price or how long it would take. Sam answered all my questions and kept all his promises. It was a worry free process and the quality of work and everyone there were excellent. Thank you Auto Hail Recon My 2022 Ford Maverick looks brand new!
Ivonne Puente
Ivonne Puente
We had two vehicles repaired in a timely matter, Process was smooth and Arturo kept us informed! Definitely recommend!
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores
Marty and the staff at Auto Hail are just amazing people. They kept to their word and started working on my vehicle the day I dropped it off. The entire process was easy and they kept in communication with how the repairs were going. I highly recommend this place.
Christopher Trevino
Christopher Trevino
Art answered all my questions and provided me a hassle free experience. He introduced me to the owners Marty & Michelle and made me feel like part of the family. Extensive hail damage on my Corolla but they made it all disappear. Even helped me with a loaner vehicle. Top notch hail pros here.
abby cantu
abby cantu
Got two cars fixed here. I was skeptical at the beginning, but it turned out to all be as they promised. No money out of pocket. Got both cars back within 2 weeks. They covered the rentals. All issues were dealt with Arturo Garza. Excellent customer service. Job on the cars was excellent came back with no dents.


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Frequently Asked

Have Questions?

We have a few of our most commonly asked questions below, but if you need more assistance on making your decision, please give us a call at (210) 236-8058.

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an innovative repair method that removes dents, dings, and hail damage from vehicles without affecting the original paint job. Technicians use specialized tools to carefully massage the dented metal back to its original form.

How does PDR differ from traditional dent repair methods?

Unlike conventional body shop repairs that often involve sanding, filling, and repainting the damaged area, PDR maintains the vehicle’s original finish by avoiding these invasive techniques. This not only ensures a quicker and more cost-effective repair but also preserves the vehicle’s resale value.

Is PDR suitable for all types of dents and damages?

While PDR is effective for many dents, especially those caused by hail or minor impacts, its suitability can depend on the dent’s size, depth, and location, as well as the vehicle’s paint condition. Dents that are too deep or located near the edge of a panel might not be ideal candidates for PDR. A professional assessment is always recommended.

How long does a typical PDR service take?

The duration of a PDR service can vary based on the size and number of dents. Minor dings can often be repaired within an hour, while more extensive hail damage might require a day or two. It’s always best to consult with a PDR technician for a precise timeframe.

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